The requests for comment 881, 882, and 883 issued by the Information Sciences Institute address specific and impending needs of the ARPA/DDN internet community for distributed name services. The realization of such services at Berkeley is called the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). This report describes an implementation of the portion of BIND called the resolver. The resolver is a local agent which is responsible for retrieving information on behalf of the user. Thus, the user interface, inter-machine communication, and, to some extent, the local storage of data, are all functions of a resolver. During our implementation of name services, we decided to extend the original proposal to allow updates of data by users. Allowing user up dates is expected to greatly increase the number of applications for domain style names. Our support for updates includes some straight- forward additions to the protocol that is used to implement name services, and it includes some additions to the functions offered to users by resolvers. These suggested improvements are among the subjects of this report.





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