This paper defines a suite of requirements for future hybrid cosimulation standards, and specifically provides guidance for development of a hybrid cosimulation version of the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard. A cosimulation standard defines interfaces that enable diverse simulation tools to interoperate. Specifically, one tool defines a component that forms part of a simulation model in another tool. We focus on components with inputs and outputs that are functions of time, and specifically on inputs and outputs that are mixtures of discrete events and continuous time signals. This hybrid mixture is not well supported by existing cosimulation standards, and specifically not by FMI 2.0, for reasons that are explained in this paper. The paper defines a suite of test components, giving a mathematical model of an ideal behavior, plus a discussion of practical implementation considerations. The discussion includes acceptance criteria by which we can determine whether a standard supports definition of each component. In addition, the paper defines a set of test compositions of components. These compositions define requirements for coordination between components, including consistent handling of timed events.




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