We present a method for retexturing non-rigid objects from a single viewpoint. Without reconstructing 3D geometry, we create realistic video with shape cues at two scales. At a coarse scale, a track of the deforming surface in 2D allows us to erase the old texture and overwrite it with a new texture. At a fine scale, estimates of the local irradiance provide strong cues of fine scale structure in the actual lighting environment. Computing irradiance from explicit correspondence is difficult and unreliable, so we limit our reconstructions to screen printing - a common printing techniques with a finite number of colors. Our irradiance estimates are computed in a local manner: pixels are classified according to color, then irradiance is computed given the color. We demonstrate results in two situations: on a special shirt designed for easy retexturing and on natural clothing with screen prints. Because of the quality of the results, we believe that this technique has wide applications in special effects and advertising.




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