Chiefly golfers and other people, presumably at or near Pebble Beach. Identifications transcribed from original sleeve annotations are: Frank Loep; Chuck Hunter; Helen Lowson; Chandler Egan; Bon Stein; Donald Moe; Major A. Karnes, Mrs N Campbell, Paul Hunter; Campbell, Francis Brown, Mary Bates; Heini Schmidt; Roy M. Moe; Beach Club; Jan Hausen; Mrs. J. Milton, John S Cowen; Mrs. J. Milton, Mrs. John S. Cowen; Jane Lowson, Helen, Mrs W. Lohman, Conway; Charles Reaven; Mrs. Gary Cowen; Mrs. Owen Moor; Mrs. A. Lillie, Mrs. Kyle Bellow; Mrs. Mieton Loatham [Milton Latham?]; Conway Tiesle and Reynolds, Jack and Helen Lowson, Cathleen Wright; Helen Lowson; Kathleen Wright; Chuck Hunter; Johnny McKough; Marrian Holling, Mrs.G. Parrott; McHugh and Hunter; F. Hilton, John S. Cowen, Hilton, Church, Malcolm Naughton; Stanford, Parrott, Crocker, Mersy; Mrs. Parrott, Mrs. Charles Croker; Marion Hollina, Mrs. Charles Cowen; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cowen; Frank Hillton, Mrs. M. Church ; Chuck Hunter; Bon Stein; Donald Moe; Beach Club; Sea View; Mrs. John P. Cravens; Mr. and Mrs. Chas Cowen; Frank Hillton, Mrs. M. Church.




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