Chiefly golfers and other people, presumably at or near Pebble Beach. Identifications transcribed from original sleeve annotations are: John Black (Wichita); Dick Linares (Long Beach); John Dawson; Tommy Armour; Mortie Dutra; Wappy Trabholtz (Cleveland); Bobbie Cruikshank (White Plains); John Golden; [Scan of 2 negatives: Mrs. H.B. Westbrook in fur coat, and a woman bundled in different, fur-trimmed coat.]; Mrs H. B. Wesbrook; George Von Elm (LA); Mike Brady; H. Chandler Egan and George Von Elm [shaking hands]; H. Chandler Egan and George Von Elm; Leo Diegel; [Four negatives, presumed to be 4093-4096]; H. Chandler Egan, Willie Hunter, George Von Elm, Leo Diegel; Wild Bill Mehlhorn; Bill Mehlhorn? [Or unidentified man, after swing]; Johnny Farrell; [Scan of 4 negatives, presumable 4097-4102]; Eddie Loos; Johnny Farrell and Dink Templeton; Duncan Sutherland; John Golden [actually Harry Cooper]; [Scan of 4 negatives, presumably 4103-4106, also listed seperately.]; Jack Larson; Harry Cooper [Golfer wearing bowtie; not Harry Cooper]; Leo Von Elan [not LvE: is Willie Hunter]; Bobby Gadshank; [Scan of four negatives, presumably 4107-4110]; Bobby Gadshank; Willie I Hustler [i.e. Willie Hunter; is not Willie Hunter, but 3 other golfers.]; Cyril Walker; [Scan of four negatives: presumably 4111, 4112, 4117, and 4119]; Willie Hunter; [Johnny Farrell and (Dink Templeton? Or Harry Cooper?)]; Mrs Major Elmer M Cox; [Willie Hunter and ?]; Miss Peggy Steele and Shorbe Steele (brother) [Not Steeles. Is Cyril Walker]; Happy East; [Scan of 4 negatives: presumably 4120, 4122, 4159, and 4160]; Harry Hunt; Mrs Arthur Perkins; [Scan of 4 negatives: 4130-4145]; Mrs Leo Pierce; Dick Bullis W. A.; Gallery (Les Bagel, Joe Sermessa, Eddie Loo's); Dickey Philips (Santa Barbara); Mrs Keneth, Mrs Monteque [and ?, three women?]; Society photography (unknown people).




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