Chiefly golfers and other people, presumably at or near Pebble Beach. Identifications transcribed from original sleeve annotations follow. (There may be multiple images for any one transcribed entry): swimming pool (hula dancers); unknown (5 images of 1 or 2 people each); Monterey Airport opening day; Alice Ogilvy, Jes Gallagher, Joan Kowsky - Polo at The Pasadena Theatre School; Jack Lawrence, Shirley Wallace (Detroit); Hughes Party, A Genevieve Joyman, Kathryn Elkins; Golf player by sea; young ladies on the sand; Campbell Tuget; Mrs. C. Ray Robinson, Mrs. Floyd Thurbon (L.A.); Sally Neot, Mini Henning (San Mateo); Ernest Pieper; Bill Jelliffe; Jay Coleman; unknown; Willie Foggin [Willie Goggin?]; Unknown; Joe Hunter; Slim Sutra; golf player; Jay Coleman; Joe Hunter; Willie Foggen [Willie Goggin?], Tommy Dewer [Dewar?]; Cam Piege [Piegel?], Jay Coleman ; Mrs. F.B. Stevens (L.A.); Larry Brazil, Fred Morrison; Nick Petropolo; Roger Kelly, Stanley Restes; Roger Kelly, Tom Abbott; Jay Coleman, Tom Abbott; Don Edwards, Roger Kelly; Blane Goodwin, Les Madison; Stuart Beatty, Fred Morrison; Roger Kelly, Mark Fry; Dewey Longworth; Fred Morrison; Mrs. Jane Reynolds; Claire O'Donnell (Hollister); Mrs. Chico Marx (Hollywood); Mrs. Irving Frohlich, D. H. Rothschild; Hodew Hoffman, Jessie Schofield, Salt Doherty; Roger Kelly ; B. Jances; Jack Gaines; Frank Doep; Don Edwards, Jack Harden; Jack Gaines; Roger Kelly, Jack Harden; Stuart Harley, Johny Telfer; Roger Kelly; Phil Gordon; H. Yates; Bill Fenger; Arthur Yates; Bert Holloway; Palacio; Bill Higgins, Palacio; Palacio, Pieper; Jack Gaines; Telfer; Holloway; Doug Lewis, James Wren; Roger Kelly, Tom Abbott; Jack Gaines; Doug Lewis, James Wren.




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